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TECOFIL INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. is a company focused on the treatment and purification of raw water sources (mainly purification systems for both domestic and industrial use).

TECOFIL specialise in the planning, construction and installation of these water treatment plants and systems.

The company started in 2007 in order to directly assist with the utmost efficiency in the international market of water treatment systems, focusing mainly on Cuba and the regions of South America and the Caribbean.

The progress in Cuba started in 2000 supplying water treatment systems for industrial dry-cleaning services for the Società Gaviota Tecnotex. Since, there has been a continual increase in turnover and clientele. The ability to efficiently resolve complex problems relating to the environment is the very basis of our philosophy, and the experience and professionalism of our technicians create the foundations on which the national and international growth of this company was based.

The diverse skills throughout the sector of water treatment show the continual search to reach a higher standard, so that the water treatment systems of TECOFIL INTERNATIONAL can be used on a domestic and industrial scale.

Over the course of the years the name TECOFIL has become TECOFIL INTERNATIONAL, joined forces with local business’ based in Cuba (both as representatives and as technical support) with the aim of strengthening their technical and commercial efforts and company production.

We have a different range of clients who benefit daily from our technology: TECNOTEX, CUPET (EIPP-ABAPET), COPEXTEL, CUBA HIDRALICA, SERVISA, GRUPO ACINOX, ALIMPET, etc.

In the Republic of Cuba there are more than 300 water treatment plants, planned and constructed meticulously by TECOFIL INTERNATIONAL; from small water filters for hospitals to industrial-sized treatment plants for the refining of oil.

For the Cuban market, TECOFIL INTERNATIONAL is an exclusive representative of the following Italian companies: pumps CALPEDA, DRENO y ROVATTI, modular systems FILLING TECHNOLOGIES, water chlorination systems IDROSISTEMI, and mechanical constructions for the treatment of water SIDERURGICA del POLESINE (SIDERPOL).

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The sectors in which TECOFIL INTERNATIONAL water purification systems are used in Cuba are the following::


Water filters for consumption and treatment of waste water for both hotels and for industrial dry-cleaning services with the recovery of purified water to be used in another cycle.


The transport industry and the refining of hydrocarbons (crude oil): with systems for the treatment of residual oil.

Food industry

Water filters used to improve the quality of water used in production.


Networks of hospitals and health facilities using water filtration systems.

Water resources

Management of water resources: with water filtration plants for the production of drinking water for communities and treatment plants for waste water both domestic and industrial.

The main systems sold in Cuba are the following:

The main systems sold in Cuba are the following:

-Water filtration systems which provide average treatment of 1 m3 / ha 120 m3 / h. There have been 220 water filtration systems installed in Cuba across different sectors (tourism, healthcare, gastronomy, etc.)

-Water purification systems for hospitals CIMEQ in Havana. Purification levels of 100 m3 / h.

-Treatment systems of residual water both domestic and from hospitals: with average flow of 70 m3 / ha 4800 m3 / day:

  • PTR “Las Dunas”, Villa Clara, quartz carbon filtration system: 20 m3 / h capacity
  • “Maria la Gorda” Nautical Complex: flow rate 70 m3 / day, with re-use of the resulting water for irrigation (Pinar del Río, MINTUR)
  • Oncológico de La Habana Hospital: Flow 360 m3 / d (MINSAP)
  • Villa La Granjita: Flow 100 m3 / d (Villa Clara, MINTUR)
  • Cayo Guillermo: Capacity 1200 m3 / d, with the final re-use of purified water in hotel irrigation systems (Ciego de Avila, MINTUR)
  • Flamenco East: flow rate 2400 m3 / g; were the necessary components for the completion of the work (electric board, secondary sedimentation and tertiary treatment). The treated water is used for irrigation (Ciego de Avila, INRH)
  • “Punta Cocina” hotel complex: Capacity 4’800 m3 / d, with the reuse of recycled water to irrigate the hotels (Ciego de Avila, INRH)
  • “Cayo Paredon” hotel complex: Capacity 4’800 m3 / d, with the reuse of recycled water to irrigate hotels (Ciego de Avila, INRH)
  • “Alto del Ají” hotel complex: capacity 500 m3 / day, with re-use of water recovered in hotel irrigation (Camaguey, INRH)
  • “Ramón Antilla” hotel complex: Capacity 4’800 m3 / d, with the reuse of recycled water to irrigate the hotels (Ciego de Avila, INRH)

– Laundry wastewater treatment systems with 85% water re-use:

  • Support base “Gaviota-Varadero”: capacity 450 m3 / day (Gaviota – Tourism Sector)
  • SERVISA Cienfuegos Laundry: capacity 120 m3 / day (MINTUR)
  • SERVISA Alamar Laundry, Havana: capacity 400 m3 / day (MINTUR)
  • SERVISA Laundry of Santa Marta, Matanzas: Capacity 360 m3 / d (MINTUR)
  • Extension of the “Gaviota Varadero” support base, from 450 to 850 m3 / day (Gaviota – Tourism Sector)
  • Gaviota Turiguanó laundry; Range 770 m3 / day (Ciego de Avila; Seagull)
  • Commercial AT Commercial Laundry Cayo Cruz, Caudal 770 m3 / day (Camagüey)
  • Caibarién laundry, flow 40 m3 / h (Villa Clara); Supply of U-DAF systems – Systems for the treatment of waste with a high oil content (transport and refining of the hydrocarbon industry) and incineration fumes:
  • CUPET base “Felton Holguín”; Waste treatment plant. Capacity 80 m3 / h
  • CUPET base “Supertanqueros Matanzas”; Waste treatment plant. Capacity 600 m3 / h
  • CUPET base “Pinar del Río”; Treatment plant completely installed in a 40 “ISO BOX container. Flow rate: 5 m3 / g
  • CUPET base “Bayamo”; Treatment plant completely installed in a 40 “ISO BOX container. Flow rate: 5 m3 / g
  • Container terminal, Puerto Mariel: containerized plant for the chemical-physical treatment of waste water produced by the solid waste incinerator.

– Plant for the production of osmotic water; Q = 1 m3 / h (CD-DVD factory, Havana)

– Design and technological supply for the treatment of the process water of the company “Antillana de Acero”; composed of: pumps for deep wells; recirculation pumps for blast furnace cooling, automatic water softener (Q = 120 m3 / h, for cooling water), cooling tower (Q = 1500 m3 / h)

– Compact plant (completely installed in an ISO BOX 40 container) for the treatment of waste water deriving from the purification of incinerator gas (container terminal, Puerto del Mariel); Flow rate 6 m3 / g

In general, TECOFIL INTERNATIONAL provides:

  • Advanced water treatment systems to provide drinking water (water filters, filters using reverse osmosis, rep
  • Automatic dosage stations of sodium hexametaphosphate (formed by solution preparation tanks, flow control system and automatic pumps)
  • Softening systems, for the elimination of hardness; complete with mains filters, ion exchange resins and accessory elements for correct operation
  • Electronic descaling systems (CalcareStop)
  • Descaling systems through “sacrificial anode”, Ion-Scale-Buster; for diameters from ¾ “to 8”
  • Chemicals for primary water treatment (sodium hexametaphosphate, salt for softeners, ion exchange resins)
  • Waste water treatment plants with recirculation of treated water (in a new production cycle, as in the case of industrial laundries)
  • Purification plants with recirculation of treated water (in a new production cycle, as in the case of industrial laundries, or in landscape irrigation, as in the case of hotel structures).lacements parts, filtration moulds and ion exchange).

Containerized wastewater treatment plants:

  • Container plants for the treatment of waste water by means of physical-chemical processes, “turnkey”, divided into waste treatment room, chemical room and chemical laboratory room;
  • Compact plants for the treatment of waste water through adesa biomass oxidation processes (biorulli) accelerated sedimentation systems, continuous filtration on quartz sand, systems for pressure filtration on quartzite and carbon, UV systems for the elimination of bacterial load , sludge dewatering systems using drainage bags;
  • Compact plants for the treatment of waste water by biological oxidation with suspended biomass (biological oxidation tank with air insufflation), complete with the resulting sludge management systems;
  • Systems for the optimization and modernization (revamping) of the existing purifier, in order to improve the performance of the same, both for the recovery of the efficiency of the treatment and for increases in inlet flow.

Components for waste treatment plants by aerobic oxidation:

  • Pump stations as well as submersible and centrifugal pumps for waste water, complete with support bases and spare parts
  • Combined primary treatment systems for waste water:
    • Solid grids with a diameter greater than 1 cm
    • Rotary drum grids for solids with a diameter greater than 1 mm
    • WATERMASTER combined systems
    • Combined sand removal, oil separation and sand collection classification systems (TRACK)
  • Electromagnetic flow meters and counters
  • Submersible and Jet-Mix mixers for accumulation and denitrification tanks
  • Venturi-Jet mixing systems complete with submersible pumps
  • Aeration systems, consisting of side channel blower and air distribution systems (micro-bubble belt)
  • Tools for the determination of treatment process management parameters (pH, redox, dissolved oxygen, turbidity)
  • Stations for the preparation of solutions and dosing of chemical products online
  • Tire panel for the management of treatment systems complete with accessories for the air line and pneumatic valves
  • Organic percolation towers and their components (with distribution channels, walkways and access stairs)
  • Lamellar packs for biological percolation towers, ready to use or their sheets for on-site assembly with raw materials for the preparation of rubber (it allows a reduction in transport costs when the tower sizes exceed 500 m3)
  • Sludge conditioning systems (tank, mixer and automatic dosing systems)
  • Flotation unit using dissolved air (D.A.F.), complete with flash mixer, for sludge management, with inlet flow rates of 1 to 50 m3 / h, with sludge concentrations up to 10 g / l
  • Filter presses for sludge treatment, with automatic or manual opening; complete with feeding pumps and instrumentation for safety management, with conveyor belts for the collection and management of dehydrated sludge
  • “swan neck” type conveyor belts for sludge management or “drawer” trolleys for managing separated sludge
  • Sedimentation tanks by peripheral traction and their components, for the management of the separation of the sludge from the treated water, complete with systems for the management of sludge and clarified water
  • Sludge thickening systems and their components, for the management of sludge concentration before final drying; complete the separate water management system; with part in carbon steel and partially immersed in AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Accelerated sedimentation systems, complete with lamellar sediment packs, Thompson 316L channels
  • Wastewater chlorination systems, through automatic gaseous chlorine dosing, complete with safety and accident and leakage management systems
  • Wastewater chlorination systems by automatic dosing of sodium hypochlorite
  • Devices for the disinfection of clarified water with ultraviolet radiation and ozone
  • Batteries for pressure filtration on quartz sand and coal, with automatic or manual operating mode based on user requirements; complete with pressurization units for backwashing
  • Gravity filtration batteries (Dynaclaro), on quartz sand, with continuous counter-washing, complete with distribution channels and blowers for continuous mixing of the filtration bed
  • Arenas of different grain sizes and activated carbon by filtration. Products for water treatment (aluminum polychloride, ferric chloride, caustic soda, bacterial suspensions, polyelectrolytes)
  • Hydro-pressure groups for the management of service and re-use water
  • Groups for the management of bilge water, complete with pumps, level sensors and pipes for water channeling
  • Level regulators and flow meters for device management
  • Electrical panels for the management of treatment systems
  • Chemical analysis laboratories for the control of the main management parameters

Components for waste treatment plants by chemical-physical precipitation of pollutants:

  • Automatic dosing and solution preparation systems (polyelectrolyte preparation stations)
  • Integrated treatment and chemical separation systems by accelerated sedimentation
  • Systems for the separation of solids by dissolved air (U-D.A.F.), Complete with flash-mixer unit, dosing line and devices for the management of flotation air
  • Conditioning stations for sludge of chemical origin
  • Filter presses with automatic or manual plate opening, complete with sludge feed pump and safety sensors
  • Scrubbers and towers for the treatment of process gases, complete with wastewater recirculation system
  • Oil separation systems, using lamellar packs for water treatment with a high content of oils and fats
  • Surface augmentation system for floatation ponds
  • Multi-substrate filtration batteries (quartzite, carbon, zeolite) for tertiary treatment of clarified water
  • Reagents for chemical plants: polyelectrolytes (anionic and cationic), flocculants (aluminum polychloride, ferric chloride), pH regulators (caustic soda, hydrochloric acid), oxidizing agents (sodium bisulfite, potassium permanganate), desimulsifiers, etc.

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The WETEX & Dubai Solar Show at Expo 2020 Dubai has just ended in Dubai and has established itself as the most important fair in the Water, Energy, Technology, Oil & Gas, Environment and the fast-developing Solar Energy industry sectors.

With 1 200 companies and 45,506 visitors, its role as a reference pole of the international market was reaffirmed.

The fair represented a moment of great success for Tecofil International.

We had the opportunity to meet industry operators from UAE, Oman, the Middle East and many countries in Africa and Asia and to show the potential and strengths of our services and the passion that drives our work

We are convinced that Made in Italy makes the difference and we will continue to pursue this mission, also trying to constantly develop new methods to improve and innovate our services, for greater customer satisfaction.
We would like to thank all those who have shown interest in our offer and contributed to the success of this event.

For anything we are available, contact us by phone or by email at: info@tecofilinternational.com

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